Undercoating And Getting Back On Track (Score So Far +1)

As these were put together last week, before my man-flu, they were ready for undercoating as soon as I could warm up a space (and a can of spray).

In hind sight (a wonderful thing you know) these chaps would have been nice to paint up in an almost Star Trek manner. The Officer in a yellow uniform. Maybe the clipboard carrying ‘Doc’ in blue and plenty of red shirted security guard types.

In the end the uniforms reminded me of the bridge of a different star ship.  Namely a Star Destroyer.  I don’t know why but when I see the uniform of the officer, on the left of the picture, I think of Star Wars and the Imperial officers of the fleet.  The high collar and chest ribbons are the reason I think.

Either way it is also because I am lazy, and just painting them all one colour will be easier…

I have undercoated these guys too.  I will not be marking them as a -1 point fail, as I managed to put them away as soon as they were dry.  With that done, I should not get any further distracted away from The Plan.

As I was feeling smug about putting the Juves away (and as I had a can of grey paint in my hand) I recoated the bases of these again.  Their first undercoat and initial paint job was done weeks ago but, as Coronasan correctly pointed out, they needed metal washers adding to their bases to make them less top heavy.

Still not sure how to finish these off but the lights were done weeks ago and I noticed today that I always look at them from the top so never see the orange light.  They will need some work to take them past just plain grey lamp posts. That can wait though, as they are also not on the plan (unless I claim that they should be done sooner as they are used as the race gates in our games of Gaslands).  Until then they have been put away like the Juves…

Score for post +1 point / Total score +1

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