Gaslands – A New Addition To The Garage: A Real Racer (Score So Far +2)

My ‘New Year Plan’ has me building a new crew for Gaslands and a War-Rig to go with it.  Today I realised that a War-Rig is actually likely to cost more than 50 cans alone and constitutes a new crew all by itself.  Therefore I have decided to expand the original crew and write a proper team list for it. That will let us play using the full rules of the game (sponsors and driver traits etc).

The first 3 cars are done and work well.  The two new additions have been chosen for colour match as much as anything else.

I don’t plan to spend much time on the first of these as I plan for it to be run as a Performance Car in the game.  It doesn’t need fancy guns or extra kit as it will be trying to race off ahead of the pack when we play a death race style game.

This one just got a couple of highlights with a silver sharpie pen, nothing more.  It is an odd one as it has heat sensitive paint and goes from pink to orange in different areas every time I handle it.

I have some S and S models, passengers with guns, on order at the moment and I hope to add one hanging out of the window before I call it finished.  All of the cars will get some weathering when all the crew are added, just to finally dirty them up a bit.

Definitely progress made on The Plan

Score for post +1 point / Total score +2

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