Gaslands – A New Addition To The Garage: The Hammer (Score So Far +3)

One car left before I can call my first Gaslands garage complete.  Not that they are a planned crew.  They don’t even add up to the required 50 Gas Can point limits in any way, shape or form… Its a collection of cars adding up to about 100 cans that I can pick 50 cans from, and fudge the remaining points with driver traits and the odd box of extra grenades.  The game lends itself well to spending left over points on bits of kit and skills that don’t always have to be represented on the model.

Last in the chop shop is the 4×4 with the horrid blue plastic roof and bull bars.

Thankfully a set of clippers and a blade soon fixes most things.  I prefer to keep the original paint schemes for these cars, and add details, rather than repaint the whole thing.

One resprayed drab grey roof and some silver pen to the front bars and we are almost there.

I have two rams from Ramshackle games in my bits box but I wanted to save them for my War-Rig. So, even though that dozer blade is perfect for this car, I have decided to build one from scrap this time round.

Ramshackle do a number of gun parts and turrets but I wanted this to be gun free so added a small double barrelled mount to the rear as an oil slick dropper.

I don’t mind if my enclosed cars don’t have drivers but any open topped jeep or car needs someone to put in that empty seat. Again Ramshackle have some great choices.  Some have said they are slightly cartoon like. Personally, in a game where I am using toy cars, I think they are absolutely perfect.

We drive from the right seat here in the UK you know…

Roof on and ram ready.

This car will be my hammer, no finesse, no guns, ram, block, shower the slower cars in oil…

The garage as it stands: Sponsor – Rutherford

  • Car/ MG-Front
  • Pickup/ Rocket-Turret
  • Car/ Grenades
  • Pickup/ Ram-Front,  Oil slick dropper-Rear
  • Performance Car/ NOS

Next Up… A War-Rig!

Score for post +1 point / Total score +3

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