Dust Tactics – USMC vs Blutkreuz (Score So Far +4)

Well, all that USMC painting finally paid off.  We got our, slightly delayed, game of Dust Tactics played and a good time was had.  This time Coronasan fielded his newly painted Blutkreuz Axis forces.  So newly painted that we had to have a cup of tea to give his Laser Grenadiers last ink wash time to finish drying.  How very civilised of us.

His force consisted of a full platoon of Gorillas, a full platoon of Zombies and a small platoon of Heavy Infantry with Laser Grenadiers (heavy and light). He also brought along a Horten ‘Blitz’ laser cannon toting plane for air support.

My usual USMC force hit the table with support from a newly painted, rocket armed, P-48X plane.  They also rolled out some heavy support in the form of two up-gunned Wolverine tanks.

The table was setup with only a light amount of scenery which allowed the planes to gain free reign over the enemy half of the table.

Playing flyers was new for both of us and we soon discovered that to fire machine guns at targets (at only 20cm range) you have to get uncomfortably close…

Thankfully only a few units had the ability to return fire so the flyers were able to cause some effect before being shot down.

We played a game using scattered reserves meaning we rolled to see where our reinforcements came on.  Which was not always where we wanted. Recoilless guns are very powerful but cannot target flyers sadly.

Ambling zombies, on the other hand, do not like the attention of HMGs and rockets.

In the end Coronasan managed to whittle my left flank down, and was pleased to see me have to deploy my last few units on my right flank.  This prompted him to make a last mad dash along the side of the table and claim an objective allowing him to win the game. All this while I tried to scuttle back over the table in vague hopes of stopping him…

This game was planned and on the list so I now find myself at a very healthy score for the end of January.

Score for post +1 / Total score +4


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