eBay Purchase – A Project For Later In The Year (Score So Far +6)

It couldn’t last now could it…  Six points up on the tally means I’ve managed to keep my focus on the plan for a few weeks straight…

It was inevitable that some ‘shiny’ thing would draw my attention away!

In this case it was an eBay auction that caught my eye after our last Dust Tactics game.  Coronasan and I were discussing the possibility of building a set of airfield scenery. Mainly so that our collection of fliers for Dust could be used as scenery or objectives when they were not being used in the actual game.

Coronasan has a mind to build an old style control tower in MDF but I will let him get into that one over on the Loft Full Of Lead

That leaves me to populate said airfield.  And what better than a HUGE transport plane to do that…

This is the result of that eBay auction.  It cost me only £2 and cost twice that to get it posted to me…

A simple childrens plastic toy (the lights and sounds no longer work sadly). It appears to be a good scale for most 28mm(ish) games figures and vehicles.

She looks mighty fine alongside the other Dust Tactics planes I have as well.

I will be shelving her immediately so that I don’t get distracted (that’s if I have a space on the shelf that is big enough for her to fit into).

Definitly not on ‘The Plan’.  However, as its not going to be touched until summer (or at least until Coronasan gets a control tower built), I am not going to score myself down.

Score for post 0 points / Total score +6

8 thoughts on “eBay Purchase – A Project For Later In The Year (Score So Far +6)”

    1. Sometimes we just need remember to look at stuff outside of our normal, comfortable, wargame world. Too much focus stops us seeing the outside world.

      Too little focus makes me fail to finish anything I start, but that’s just a minor flaw🤓

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      1. So true. It is good to step outside of one’s sphere of influence and see what else is going on out there.

        I think your flaw is one a lot of us painters share to one degree or another. 😐


  1. I keep seeing planes like that when I go to the local discount department store. I have to keep making myself not buy one for the same purposes that you’re going to use that for. For about ten bucks, there’s no way I could not buy one, however…

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