Airbrushing And Getting A Bit Off Plan Again (Score So Far +5)

Now, I should be working on that Great Unclean One…  Sadly I am not.  The fact that I have an airbrush that actually works now, has distracted me somewhat.

I could try to justify not getting on with the GUO, and validate the task at hand, by claiming that it is worthwhile practice with a new tool. I could also call it further development of the scenery options within the shed.  The reality still stands: I am off plan again.

Excuses aside, I am going to have to mark myself down for this against ‘The Plan.’ However, it has been a productive couple of hours.  At mid day today these pieces of scenery were cluttering up the smaller bureau at the back of the shed. Neglected and in a black undercoated state (a quick look back in the blog shows they were last seen in late 2015) they were initially supplied by the lovely Veganman who had picked them up off eBay.

They were in slight disrepair even then, with a few broken and missing parts.  Thankfully, being old ruins and ancient stonework, they can get away with a few broken and missing details and call it wear and tear.

A basic layer of primer (Mid Grey) started them off as I got used to handling the airbrush and model. A darker and lighter grey were used to vary the tone of the stonework. Direction of spray can get some shadow effects and further variation as well.  I should have tried putting in a few more colours but for a first try I like the effect I attained.  Variation from dark to light is something I cannot always achieve easily with a normal brush.

Contrasting colours were put on the skulls as I see the flames as being magical in origin and not part of the carved statue. Yellow first then red to the lower half.  Airbrushing is fairly forgiving as simply going back over my mistakes with the original lighter grey was a simple way of tidying up the edge of the flame/ skull.

The tower stair has the same base coat of mid grey primer.  More colours, in the form of brown tones, have been used to the lower levels and the lighter and darker grey used to get a more varied effect on the column and stairs.

I am still experimenting at this point but, for a couple of scenery pieces in a more fantasy style, these will be just fine (and now usable rather than just cluttering up the shed).  The surprising thing for me is that I did not need to use a normal brush at any point on either of these pieces…

With the airbrush proving to be more versatile and effective on larger surfaces than any normal brush technique I have ever used.  I can’t see me struggling to use an ink wash to weather larger pieces again…

Worthwhile time spent experimenting but not on The Plan.

Score for post -1 point / Total score +5

7 thoughts on “Airbrushing And Getting A Bit Off Plan Again (Score So Far +5)”

  1. Looking great mate. I have never used an airbrush but really need to invest in one some time. The fire looks good but I was told, when I last painted fire, that it’s supposed to be red at the top. I had a look at other models and the majority of them seem to follow that too. To my eye though it looks good the way you’ve done it. Keep up the good work.

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    1. I think you are right about the fire. Light to dark seems to be the normal method. Was playing about without thinking too much. Looks ok so I am unlikely to go back and change it.
      If you get the chance to try an airbrush do have a go. Don’t think I will use it much on normal figures but on tanks and scenery it’s a great tool.

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  2. Looks great, though I’d honestly still use a wash afterwards myself to pick out all of those little gritty details on these kits. As I said, it looks great either way, though – and good on you for completing some Neglected Models! Less unpainted stuff is always worth at least a +1 in my book – plan or not!


      1. I tend to use the AP washes as my go-to products these days, with the GW ones in second place depending on colours or the need to use their great gloss washes for certain figures or sections.
        For bog-standard black and brown though, I use the AP as my first choice.

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