Frostgrave – Prep For A Game (Score So Far +6)

The Plan has number of games listed on it. These are games that we are planning on trying to find time to play this spring.  These are mainly games that we have liked, but neglected, for the last few months (or years).  We have Frostgrave by Osprey on that list, and recently we managed to get it into our schedule for a Wednesday in the shed.

The last time we played Frostgrave was December 2015. Neither of us could believe we had not played it for so long.  I for one, had lost my original paper wizard sheet and had to dig out a whole new crew for this game.  As I had to build a new crew, and as I had time to plan slightly, I decided on painting up a new body for use in the game.

As I wanted to field a few War Dogs in my crew a tracker (as their handler/ keeper) would make a nice addition to the crew.  Surprisingly, I haven’t got any medieval bowmen with a rural look in my collection and certainly none that were painted.  So a slightly more professional looking bowman would have to do.

He got the usual 45min paintjob using whatever colours were in front of me at the time…

Worryingly I dug him out of a box with another 24 unpainted bowmen in it.  Lets not get distracted again by models that may have been neglected for the last 4 or 5 years.

A game of Frostgrave is on ‘The Plan’ so painting up a single chap for use in that game can be scored in my favour.

Score for post +1 point / Total score +6

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