Gaslands – More Finishing Touches (Score So Far +8)

Well, I haven’t gotten round to starting my war rig as yet but I have started to weather the (extremely clean looking) original crew.  I have been adding small details, here and there, as and when I pick them up. Today we can see the addition of wire mesh windscreens for two of the cars and a rather heavy coating of rust to all of these cars.

My Racer (a performance car) didn’t have any guns or additions in the original build, so gets a driver that is more interested in firing his hand gun than steering it would seem.

As the Racer will be tasked with actually running and finishing the race, the others will be the blockers and chasers in our next few games.

Firepower is limited in this 50 can team but an MG on the bonnet of a second car will give the option for a second race contender if the Racer gets taken out.

The Hammer is there to take out as many cars as possible over the first half of the race (as I don’t expect him to be at the front of the pack at any point).

The rust is looking a bit stark at the moment but it is a water based paint that, when varnished, will change colour and blend in more (you might have to trust me on that one…)

A Gaslands game is on the Plan.

Score for post +1 point / Total score +8

2 thoughts on “Gaslands – More Finishing Touches (Score So Far +8)”

  1. Nice looking cars! Have just bought Gaslands myself, so will be watching your progress with interest! And good progress with the year’s tally to date – I’m sure that means you can maybe now do a couple of “off list” bits and pieces before catching up again ;D


    1. Thanks. Gaslands is turning into the most fun little game I have found in a while. Although my inability to ‘get it done’ when it comes to the war rig is slowing my progress.
      At such a high tally score you should be trying to keep me on focus not tempting me away again😜 (even if you are right)!


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