Gaslands – Game On (Score So Far +9)

Varnish is on and although these photos do not do them justice the cars are looking far less new and shiny.  The Rust effect (when wet by the varnish) blends in and spreads out slightly as well.  All making it less heavy or obvious.

My starting line up with stats.

The Plan for the game: The Racer in Pole (or at least at the front of the starting grid) The Hammer in second line.  The Shooter in the back row.

The plan never made it past turn one.  The start had both front row cars rolling poorly and never getting past gear one.  This caused all the cars behind to bunch up and swerve left and right.

The Hammer started to ram whatever was in front of it, as it was in gear 2 by that time, and on a roll.

My Shooter had to swerve away from the pileup and left me needing to perform a hard turn in turn two to stay on the table (should have been simple enough). In the end I rolled a slide that I could not cancel and slid right off the table…  Out of the race in turn two…

After a few turns of car-nage (see what I did there?) the racer was cruising away while The Hammer was blocking most things (mainly Coronasan’s two buggies). However, as Coronasan’s Truck had passed the first gate, his guns came to life and the Racer started to feel more vulnerable.

Past gate 2 and I thought I was away.  Sadly Coronasan’s truck was not far behind and upping gears to match the supposedly faster car.

I managed to get an oil slick out the back of The Hammer but at the cost of not ramming for one turn and Coronasan’s truck found time to pull away (although those buggies found it hard to get by still.

In the end my Racer managed to pull over the finish line with only one hull point left after Coronasan got 2-3 effective shots on target.

On such a small board its hard to get out of range of a Heavy Machine Gun Turret.

The back field was left with cars pointing in all directions and no hope of getting past gate 2 let alone finishing the race…

Game played.  On The Plan…  Hugely enjoyable…

Score for post +1 point / Total score +9

4 thoughts on “Gaslands – Game On (Score So Far +9)”

    1. Simple layout using just what we had to hand. Just wait until Coronasan gets some of his newly designed gates knocked up. I have a couple of his prototypes already but he has a few new designs ready for laser cutting.
      The presence of Nuts must have been for a special event. Normally it’s just tea and biscuits in the shed. We are British you know🤓.


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