Renovating And Getting Well And Truly Distracted From The Plan (Score So Far +9)

So much for getting refocused on ‘The Plan’.

First thing I have done after rewriting the plan was to pop to a DIY store (at the request of she who must be obeyed) to get a new bath side (oh how I hate DIY) and ended up starting a bit of a renovation project in the shed.

I blame a short period of sunshine that showed me I should get tidied up and that led to renewing the whole area of my game table.

Storage has always been an issue in the shed and I obviously have too much ‘stuff’.

Ikea has come to the rescue with a set of storage that fits my existing boxes almost perfectly.  It will also act as a base for a new gaming table (I am a traditionalist so I has to be 6 feet by 4 feet).

Still lots to do, and with me moving piles from one side to the other as I work (I have never managed to work that smart), it has taken longer than ever I planned it would.

But its getting there, slowly (and I haven’t broken anything, or cut myself as yet).

Off Plan

Score for post -1 point/ Total score +9

5 thoughts on “Renovating And Getting Well And Truly Distracted From The Plan (Score So Far +9)”

  1. I think you are being harsh on yourself with a negative score. In order to achieve your plan you must do so off of firm foundations. These foundations almost without exception must include keeping her who must be obeyed happy and having an orderly place in which to works. If neither are in place then you cannot model etc. You could argue they weren’t on your list but I’d argue that they are givens and didn’t need to be.

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    1. Harsh maybe but I have a feeling I an using lots of distractions as excuses for not getting back to the items on the Plan. Painters block maybe… Avoided painting when it’s cold. Avoided by doing renovations initially planned for summer.
      That said. At least I am doing ‘something!’

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