The Renovations Continue With The Building Of Yet Another New Game Table (Score So Far +8)

The Shed is not a small space.

I do find that I can fill it very easily.

When I started using it for my gaming den I had a set of boards and trestles that could be put away between games and the space used for other, more mundane, things.

After a while I noticed that more gaming than anything else was being done in the shed.  A small table was then setup that could be used to support a 4 feet by 4 feet  (or 6’x4′ at a push) tabletop.

When I realised that the 6 feet by 4 feet table was setup on more days than not I decided that a permanent table would be a better idea as then the space below the table could be used for storage.

Hence the current renovations in the shed.

Still lots to do as I still have to find homes for the larger and more fragile items in the shed.

Sorting out what should be reboxed and stored together is the next job.  That way I can ensure that when I am looking for it, I am not searching in 7 different places at once.

Overall its unlikely that I have increased the actual storage capacity in the shed but it may be more organised from this point on…

Off Plan

Score for post -1 point/ Total score +8


7 thoughts on “The Renovations Continue With The Building Of Yet Another New Game Table (Score So Far +8)”

    1. If I am honest I am unsure myself. The score started as a way to get back on track with neglected projects. It seems to be just giving me guilt by reminding me of what I am not doing. Where as I should be celebrating just the joy of simply doing something. Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about what I am not doing and go back to basics.
      I am actually now put off doing the things on the Plan purely because they are on the Plan…

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      1. Maybe the plan needs to be more open-ended. Set some goals (weekly, monthly, whatever) and if you hit them it’s a +1 and anything else you do counts as a bonus stretch goal as long as you got your target done?

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