Gaslands – Race Night

We finally managed to get that, postponed by snow, Gaslands game played.

First game on the newly built game table, and it worked well.  Crews were kept simple again.  Coronasan had a light Buggy, his Pickup truck with a turreted MG on the roof and his new Performance car.  I played a Pickup with limited ammo on its rocket launcher and a back up Car with grenades, a caltrop dropper and a nitro booster.

After 2 turns or so we had reached gate 2 and had caused some serious mayhem.  The performance car and MG pickup were toast (we must remember to paint the undersides of our cars as they are turned upside down when wrecked).

Coronasan was left with a light buggy at this point, so looked likely to lose.  I had a pickup, with no ammo left, and my backup car.  Both of my vehicles having taken some serious damage by this point.

With this being a race, Coronasan decided to put his foot down, and just go for it.

Whereas I planned to sit in wait for him, until he rounded the corner, and then finish him off.

All was not as I had planned, as first the car went down to a hail of bullets then, as they rounded the last bend, side by side, his driver ‘popped a cap’ in my pickup’s driver’s face (serves him right for hanging out of the window I guess).

As usual I forgot to photograph the final moments in all the excitement but you can probably picture the dejected look on my face while Coronasan tried not to crow too obviously…

If anyone is interested the MDF gates used in the game, these were Coronasan’s own design and will be on sale through Products for Wargamers at Salute in April this year if all goes well…

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