Snowy Contemplations

Snow makes the world quieter, you ever noticed that?  Muffles the world so its hubbub is not so loud and its grime is hidden.  Makes us move slightly slower and often makes us take more time to do things.  Occasionally it makes us stop completely.

When I get the chance to stop I sometimes get the chance to think.

The UK was stopped by a light blanket of snow recently and it slowed me down long enough to start to think about the purpose of The Plan…

It started with good intentions and was an effective motivator for a few weeks, or months even.  It seems to be more of a stone about my neck now.  It was started to try to make me justify what I was doing and to focus my activities. I now find myself scoring marks against myself for doing worthwhile things, just because they are not on a list.

I have had quite a few comments on the blog recently that have helped me to see this for what it actually is. A hindrance rather than a motivator.  I have also found myself making excuses for why I am not doing things that were on the plan. So to stop it from becoming a reason to resent my own actions I have decided to stop ‘The Plan’.

Everyone likes a fresh start so this is mine…  For the next few weeks (or months) I plan to paint what ever I want. I will let the games we are playing (or planning to play) guide what I choose to paint.

That said I have agreed to play a game of Steam Wars against Coronasan in the next 4 weeks, and I promised that I would field my Martians in that game.  Sadly none are painted as yet, so I may find that that is my main motivator, at least in the short term…

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