Steam Wars – Martian Test Figure

In total, within the wider Martian army, I have 4 units of 6 of these Sanwar slave infantry. To get me started though I have chosen to only play a force with 2 units of these infantry in it.  Lets be honest, if I asked too much of myself by planning to paint them all, I would likely falter at the first unit and never get them done.  With the Tripods and other units also needing some paint, it seems a good idea to keep things simple.

If I manage to get this unit of close combat troops, and a unit of missile troops, done I am officially half way through the Sanwar part of the army.

These figures are from the Sanwar range by Ironclad Miniatures.  I see them a little like the sand people from Star Wars. A tribe of primitive people, subjugated by their technologically advanced overlords, the Martian Cephalopods.  Part slave labourers, part food source.

As I have been a little out of sorts with painting lately, these will be getting a simple paint job. This is partly to get me back in a rhythm with my painting but mostly just because I need to get quite a few of them done in the next month or so.

As a slave race they are not well equipped or outfitted.  Poor bloody infantry was never so poor as these guys.  Old torn robes and leg wrappings. Wheezing old rebreathers and goggles are their only support against the harshness of the alien Earth atmosphere.

Their weapons may look old fashioned but the ammunition they fire is a mix of Martian ores and Nutrino crystals. Ammunition that, when exited by the physical force of firing, produces an electrical charge that is grounded when it contacts a target. This charge can cause the nervous system to become overloaded if the initial shock of impact does not immediately kill its victim.

A simple 5 colour paint job with wash gets the desired, worn and dirty, look. All with as little effort as is possible…

Basing might be an issue as my Martian army basing theme is ‘Flat Cracked Martian Earth’.  Not so easy with pill bases as these are modelled.

Oh well, by the time I have the other 11 painted I am sure that I will have decided on how to get around that problem.

4 thoughts on “Steam Wars – Martian Test Figure”

    1. Yeah. Sand people/ nomad/ tribal/ cultists, pick your flavour, they have it all.
      Steam Wars allows you to generate weapon profiles as well as profile up any figures for the game. These are profiled up as regular rifles with a stun gun or ‘shock’ ability that makes targets lose an action next turn.

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