Steam Wars – Martian Painting Officially Started

In the grand scale of things 12 figures is not much really.  But its a start, and everything needs a start. I have a long way to go before these guys are an official army but it doesn’t seem quite so daunting when you get a few at a time under your belt.

Two Sanwar slave infantry units in all their grime smeared, gun toting and club swinging finery…

I have decided to coat their bases with the contents of a packet of ancient flock, to better blend the pill bases to the MDF rounds, then paint them in the normal Martian earth colour so that the army theme carries through.  I suspect as my eyesight slowly fails, these will look better and better to me over the next few years…

I am quite pleased with how these look, especially as they were done in super quick time and with little effort expended.

When I look at them now I see them as proper Steam Wars Martian Infantry, but I also suspect that they will be found on a gaming table as 40k chaos cultists and maybe as part of a low tech Scrappers or Rogue Stars crew…

Next up should be the Cephalopod command unit, but I am far from reliable or consistent at the moment so don’t hold your breath!


7 thoughts on “Steam Wars – Martian Painting Officially Started”

  1. A journey of one thousand miles starts with a single step.

    Nice painting, though the flock seems a bit jarringly red. It seems hard to imagine now how common that basing material was just a few years ago.


    1. The ‘ancient flock’ is rather bright. I seem to recall it was called summer orchard scatter or something similar. I based my old 40k space marines with this (quite why I have to say I don’t remember). I do plan to paint over it with a martian earth red which should dull it down. 🤓


  2. I use a textured acrylic to serve a similar purpose. Not something I ever had to do in the past, but then my Saga minis showed up in all their baselumpy glory, haha.


      1. That’ll make it tricky, yep. The textured acrylic gives an effect sort of like glue and sand etc, except that it just comes out of a jar and gets smeared into place. I dunno about perfect, but it certainly hits the effort/effect sweet spot for me…

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