Steam Wars – Martian Cephalopods

The Overlords of Mars are a race of Martian Cephalopods that have ruled the red planet for a thousand years and are seeking to expand that empire on earth. Their hold on Mars is absolute because of their highly developed level of technology and their ability to survive both drought and famine by taking nourishment from the intra and extra cellular fluids of any living creature.

Some might call them vampires, the reality is that their evolution has been greatly helped by their nutritional versatility. That and the fact that they do not worry too much about what their dinner tastes like.

Their society is a well disciplined hierarchy. An individuals place within that society is measured at birth. Genetic markers are used to show where the developing child’s strengths will be, and what resources should be allocated gain the most from that potential.

On attaining adult status they are accepted into their designated caste where they will be able to work to further the Martian societal goals.

A work in progress shot but as they live on a red planet, and drink the blood of anything they rule over, I thought that painting these guys in red tones would be apt…

Again the figures are from Ironclad Miniatures, a manufacturer I have a definite soft spot for.  Many of my Steam Wars Navy forces are based on either Ironclad’s tanks or infantry.  It looks like they are now supporting most of the Martian invasion as well.

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