Steam Wars – Sanwar Slave Infantry

With 2 weeks to go before we play our first game of Steam Wars, in what seems like ages, I have managed to finish off some of the troops that are planned for use in the force.  I have a number of Sanwar troopers to use as Humanoid slave infantry in the Martian force.  The two units below are my effort to start painting them. I have to say they came out as good as I would have liked and in half the time I expected.

These are the low tech end of the Martian force. Why would the Martian Cephalopods share any technology with their slaves… Nutrino rifles and blast guns will do for these guys.  Most of them are armed with short range weapons, but if they get in range, they should be pretty lethal.

Even shorter range are these close combat slaves.  Clubs and little else.  Two of these chaps do have blast guns but after they have charged its all about the grunting and blood splatter.

This puts me well on track to get the army painted for when we plan to play.

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