Warhammer 40,000 – Daddy Knights And Baby Knights.

I truly believe that everything has its nemesis.  Balance is required in the universe so, light and dark, good and evil, effective hobby time and postmen…

Yes, my always happy local postie called in last week, and dropped off a flattish box which at first glance was not that impressive.  The contents of that box had an almost magical ability though. An ability to stop my hobby in its tracks, and distract me from my aim of painting Tripods…

Games Workshop have released yet another two player starter set that has flooded eBay with various split out figures and models.  In my case the attraction was with the new Imperial Knight Armiger Warglaives.

These, smaller, Imperial Knights are great as models in their own right.  When I saw them I thought, as I already have a knight, a couple of these in a support role would be ideal.

I have made up the first of them.  A simple task as these are very easy to construct.

They are further improved in my mind, as was the original knight, by being well planned out by GW. Thus allowing me to paint it while it is in pieces and then finally building it once the armour plates are coloured.

This is going to have to go back in the drawer though, unfinished as it is, as I have a small force of Tripods that should be on this very painting table. As its only a few days before they need to be fielded in a game…

One thought on “Warhammer 40,000 – Daddy Knights And Baby Knights.”

  1. That looks very cool. Maybe I’ll even be tempted to build some of mine when they finally arrive after seeing your photos and reading your comments on their ease of assembly.

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