Steam Wars – Game Night

All my activity (well most of it) over the last weeks has been towards getting the Martian forces ready for their first game.  Well that game happened on Thursday night.

We decided to play a ‘Breakthrough’ mission with the Martians invading and striding (hopefully) unhindered across the British countryside.  The Martians had to travel the length of the table and exit with 50% of their force.  Deployment was 24 inches into the table so they only had 48 inches to go to gain victory.

Plenty of scenery in the quaint English town was going to slow them down somewhat but their average speed of 6 inches per turn walking, or 9 inches at a trot, was going to be their biggest hindrance.

But these Human defenders were never going to be a match for the great Martian might.  So with Tripods to the fore, to clear the way, the march began.

The British defence force had been quickly scrambled so had few heavy guns available on the day.  The redcoat firing line would have to suffice in this battle.

The one available unit of British heavy troopers deployed on the right of their defensive line, ready to try to topple a few Tripods.

As the advance began, the Martians realised that their technology may be far in advance of the Human defenders, but multiple volleys of lead projectiles will slow any force.  As the Martians started to take damage, the advance slowed slightly as the Tripods began to return fire.

With the Martians recognising that their main threat was the heavy troopers on their left, a Tripod moved into position to unleash their fury.

Before he could close in to use his myriad of whips and claws a volley from the British gunbots finished the job and the first Tripod fell.

On the Martian right, the mechanical troopers opened fire on the British, and were repaid with a blast of machinegun fire that took out a number of their kind.  Their mindless mechanical will meant, that although they were damaged, their directives remained set and they continued to crawl towards their foe.

For a while the British Sky Hussars held the Martian right at bay, but as they roamed too close to the Scout Tripod defending that flank, they began to lose numbers. Although depleted, they continued to remained a thorn in the Martian side.

As the Martian infantry moved up in support of the Tripods the barrage of lead continued.  The Assault Tripod was unlucky with his Gas Globes, as his indirect fire was being affected by the Earths heavier gravity.  Some reprogramming of the targeting systems would be needed to compensate for this effect.

As the Martian infantry gathered to clear the British from their left flank, the Slave infantry were forced forwards to shield their Cephalopod commanders and their mechanical guards.

The slowed Martian advance allowed the British to take up positions in the centre and continue their barrage of lead.

Meanwhile the remaining Martian Tripods continued to push forwards, despite the British showing off the pluck and defiance that had earned them their own empire.

The British at this point had slowed the Martian advance sufficiently and had time to secure a strong defensive position.

Although the Sanwar slaves were again forced ahead of the main force, to flush the British out of their positions, their numbers were no match for the fire from the redcoated regulars.

More than half of the Martian force was in ruin with the loss of the Assault Tripod. The Cephalopod commanders could afford on more losses this day and the advance was halted.  The Martians would learn a valuable lesson this day and their underestimation of the British would not be repeated.

The Martian advance would continue when their reinforcements were available and when some systems had been reprogrammed to better cope with the Human defences (meaning my army list and weapon profiles had some glaring issues that really need to be fixed).

6 thoughts on “Steam Wars – Game Night”

    1. Next outing their actions will be more cautious as I underestimated what a simple aimed rifle shot could do. Even though I pushed for the ability of all weapons to damage any other in the rules. I hate games where the loss of a heavy unit leaves your opponent impervious to all your remaining weapons. In Steam Wars an aimed shot increases its strength by 1 to allow it to damage even the heaviest of tanks (…on the roll of a 6 anyway).

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