Gaslands – Hotrod

So back home from our trip to Rome and I had a day to spare before Salute in London, so no time to get stuck into anything too complex.

Just time to tart up the new Vatican Hotrod. A simple silver pen and ink wash is all its getting.  Such a simple game only needs simple efforts (not everyones opinion I know.)

Rear facing MG and front end Ram should keep its look and allow me to deal with being anywhere on the starting grid.

A fun little car and nicely different from my other team members.

I do seem to think that I have a bit of an ‘Orange’ vibe going on with this team.  Its going to need a team name soon.


2 thoughts on “Gaslands – Hotrod”

  1. Having read the Rome post it was obvious what the highlight of the trip was! I really like what you’ve done with it! How about “The Kardinalz”? I’m crap at coming up with names, as my suggestion shows!


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