Salute Figure Statue

Salute usually distracts me from all the projects I am attempting to complete in the shed.  This year is no exception although we returned home without any ‘new game’ to pull our focus too far away from our planned games.

It also guarantees at least one figure will return home with me. Usually one I will never find a use for.  This year the Salute free figure is a small diorama of 3 WWI soldiers.  Such a nice piece should get some use, so I plan to get something done with it, super quick, before the urge leaves me.

I have a number of scenic pieces that I use in games, as objectives or centre pieces, for town squares etc.  Statues are great for these pieces.

One of my favourite so far is my gift shop statue of Queen Victoria. She is not attached to her plinth so I should be able to mount the new Salute figures on this as an alternate topper.

Size isn’t too bad, and a quick brass, tarnish and bird poo paint job shouldn’t take me too long.

I will look out for an alternate, rectangular plinth, but for now this base should get it some table top use.

I may even revisit some of the other Salute figures I have in the bits box and see if they will pass muster as statues for other periods…

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