Steam Wars – More Martian Reinforcements

My trip last weekend to Salute was expected to distract me away from my Martian Steam Wars project.  It may have actually refocussed me more than I expected though.

The Martians actually got a few reinforcements from the show this year, and also has me looking towards changing the army list a little and reviewing the paint queue to accommodate more of these figures.

I found a set of second hand Sanwar Infantry, from Ironclad Miniatures, that were similar paintjobs to my own troopers.  The set included a small field gun as well as crew.

My own field gun remains unfinished but has jumped up the queue, as has some more of the slave infantry.

The new pieces will need a touch up, and the bases need a Martian red repaint, but should fit in nicely with the original units when finished.

I also picked up a box of these chaps.  Grey alien types that will make effective allies to the Martians (and will be usable in any Sci-Fi game I want to field aliens in).  I suspect these will end up as Venusian Mercenary Shock Troopers. They may also be gifted the large Martian flier that I have, as a transport option, as it has always seemed a little out of style with the original, Tripod heavy, Martian force.

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