Control Tower

At Salute this year I caught up with a fairly local company The XLC.   Based in Northampton it seems quite local, but as all companies these days, it has an internet presence but no storefront.

I picked up an older piece, their security tower, a design from their first Kickstarter project. I invested in that kickstarter but have not done many since.  This company managed to get all the items out super quick and without hassle.  Other Kickstarters I have been part of have put me off since then… They have another Kickstarter running at the moment which is worth a look, as their stuff is reasonably priced and comes pre printed…

This will be a control tower for my planned airfield scenery (until Coronasan pulls his finger out and designs one himself in MDF).

A nice simple piece and big enough for 25 and 30mm bases to fit inside.

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