Salute Statue Number Two

I am into quick paint jobs and easy wins at the moment. If I could, I would paint this way more often, but occasionally a proper paint job is required I guess.

Queen Victoria has presided over a number of the battles fought across the greens and squares of quaint English towns in our games.

She was recently joined by this trio of world war one soldiers allowing the town to be more European rather than rooted in the Empire.

This young lady, a star of the Red Army, gives me a slightly more eastern feel to my town.

Or, I might just plonk her on the plinth as a change from the other two, every now and then…

If I can find a couple of other plinth styles, I may just be able to field all three scenic statues on the same table.  Wouldn’t that be lovely!

12 thoughts on “Salute Statue Number Two”

      1. Dedication and the pursuit of a purpose, they were not on my schools curriculum sadly. I am glad some people do have that drive, or I would not have so many beautiful projects to look at on other people’s blogs.

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      2. Mine was instilled from a strict upbringing, which like most things has its pluses and minuses. It’s always more fun to look at others blogs! “The grass is always greener on the other side”


      1. They are. Sorry I didn’t comment further. I’d planned to photograph a couple of my own older statue-pillars for an example, but my day was ruined by a burst hose on the washing machine and the subsequent flood and wait for a plumber. All ok now, but was a bit of a nightmare of a day.


      2. Thought my day was bad until I read that. A sense of perspective can be found in the funniest places. Hope all of your problems got resolved. Would like to see what you have used when you get time…


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