Undercoating While The Weather Holds

Living in the UK we have to take opportunities to undercoat when we can.  Gamers across the land can be seen, on weekend mornings, sensing the weather.  They stand on their doorsteps, with noses lifted to the sky, trying desperately to pick the few hours that undercoating can be attempted.  A wrong decision can lead to a higher risk of those cooler damp days ruining the finish on their prized miniatures…

Recently, a weekend perfect in every way, afforded me the chance to undercoat a few batches of miniatures.  I grabbed as much as I could as the window of opportunity would not last long.  Everything from a resin Ironclad Miniatures tunnelling machine, that has sat for over a year on the shelf, to a batch of newer ironclad Sanwar Infantry and Cephalopods got laid out.

It was also an opportunity to get the Venusian infantry undercoated to match their War Barge.

But I cant stop to chat as other batches need to be attended to…

9 thoughts on “Undercoating While The Weather Holds”

  1. It’s starting to get a bit that way here. Luckily we’re still in the mostly-safe zone into the early evening (when I get back from work) most days of the week, but it only goes downhill from here…

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      1. Not quite yet, but getting there (lots of stuff way past priming, others not up to that stage of built yet!) More like the “these figures that need varnish are piling up” followed by a large spray session.

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  2. Weather woes. I hope ours holds out. I have some terrain to get primed, but it would take too long to do with the airbrush. So I’m hoping to tackle it quickly with some rattle cans. There could be much cursing.


      1. I ended up getting some rattle can spraying in today. The weather has been nice, and the humidity low. I primed terrain stuff, so I didn’t have to be too careful. I forgot how fast you can prime with a spray can. That was really nice. Though it did sputter on occasion and dripped all over my hand. Glad I was spraying outside.

        For minis, I still prefer the control that the airbrush gives me. Since I’m not a fast painter, I could easily prime more than I can possibly paint, so the slowness of the airbrush isn’t too bad.


      2. Its very easy to prime too much then have a pile of items staring you down every time you go into the shed to paint. Sometimes proves unproductive due to the ‘painters guilt’ that it brings on.
        Airbrush undercoating, although slower, seems like a good way to get just enough bits done each time you need to…


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