Rogue Stars – Dogs Of War

Another couple of quick painted minis.  Hasslefree Smudgester in both his forms.

These got more attention to their heads and faces than the space suits.  Why?  I don’t know.  I just like them this way.  The suits have enough detail on them to work with a simple scheme.  The character in each figures face deserved more time to really bring it out.

Anyway, gruff cigar smoking space dogs can pull off purple. Can’t they?

Yeah, they can…

3 thoughts on “Rogue Stars – Dogs Of War”

  1. Great work on the faces and the eye. Nice heavy gun too, I probably could have used something like that for the bazooka on my Dwarf Star Player.


    1. Cheers Faust, I may revisit these and touch up the space suits but they are playable as is so happy to let them go. Faces don’t often come out right for me but big features are nice to practice on. The Hasslefree stuff and any Bob Olley figures are usually good options…

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