Steam Wars – Navy Mole Finished

I have managed to find a few more minutes in this busy life to hide in the shed and get a few items finished off.  The first of these is the Ironclad Tunneller that I was working on last week.

Not much was required to finish this model off.  A bit of brass to the bands on the main body of the thing.

A couple of decals to the rim to show its allegiance to the US Navy forces.

Sand has been added to the base plate, as this brings it in line with the Navy basing scheme, and tries to get it to lighten up. The original base I had painted was looking very dark…

I always forget to give a bit of scale with models in photos.  Today we have a Pulp Figures 28mm miniature included for scale.  It also shows that it can easily hold a five man unit, ready for deployment as it breaches the surface…

A great little model and easy to prep for the table.  It also adds a new aspect for my army to use with the Steam Wars Rules.  Deployment from a tunneller is slightly random, as 3 tokens are placed on the table, and it will emerge from one of these during the course of the game…  That way your opponent can’t be sure where it will pop up…

8 thoughts on “Steam Wars – Navy Mole Finished”

    1. It would be too hot to paint in the shed. Likely 45 degrees in there in the height of the day. Lots of stuff to do outside though. Just finished the 4th trip to the tidy tip. May get some kits knocked up if I can’t paint… or maybe just open the Pims.

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  1. Like this! I have two of the full ones (as opposed to this one emerging from the ground) to build and paint at some point, but I like how yours looks I must admit! The Steam Wars rules for tunnellers emerging not quite where they’re meant to is a good idea!


    1. Games should be fun. I am not a competitive gamer, so randomness just adds to the fun factor. I thought about getting the full sized one, just can’t justify the need for two in the Navy force.


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