Steam Wars – Navy Ball Tank

Another easy to complete miniature is the Ball Tank for my US Navy Steam Wars army.

This is a West Wind Productions German War Wheel from their recent Kickstarter.

Obviously I will be using it for the Navy, so it has had their usual battleship grey paintjob.

Decals freshly applied and in need of a coat of varnish to blend them to the hull slightly.

Again, sand to the base, keeps it in line with the US Navy army theme.

Not a huge tank but a weighty piece of resin all the same.  I like it for its uniqueness and its 4 gun heavy weapon armament. A valuable antitank presence that I used to lack in the Navy army.

16 thoughts on “Steam Wars – Navy Ball Tank”

    1. Arms dealers are happy to sell a good design to both sides of a conflict… What will be interesting is how we both profile it up. I suspect we will get slightly differing stat lines…


  1. I think my closest thing to Gunmetal color, was a Vallejo pot that got all gunked up. I’ll probably buy some Leadbelcher, as I have been less and less impressed with the Vallejo Game Color metals. I’ll have to check at home, but I also seem to recall a cheap craft paint gunmetal. Works fine for terrain, but I probably want something more fine for minis.


      1. Oh yea, some people swear by the Vallejo Air Chrome. I likely have VA Gunmetal. Reminds me that I really need to log all my paints into my phone app!

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      2. One (or two) long shelves so I can see each bottle/ pot. That’s what I need to set up in the shed… I would never remember to look at an app or note book. Tried storing them in a drawer once but could never see what colours they were. Should have painted a spot on the top of each lid I guess…

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      3. I started logging them in a Google Sheet, back when there was a local game store I visited. Otherwise I would end up with duplicate paints. The iPhone app “Paint Pot” I started using, is pretty easy, and that seems the easiest place for me to log them.

        Getting organized is unfortunately a never ending mess with me and hobbies. I reorganized everything with some new furniture and built a paint rack for the closet shelf. A week o two later, and I now have paints on the desk, in a second paint rack on the desk, in two different drawers under the desk, and in the paint rack in the closet. Who knows where else.


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