Warhammer 40,000 – Baby Knight Two

Some weeks ago I got all excited over the release of some smaller Imperial Knights for Warhammer 40k.  I made one up to see if it was as easy a task as the original knight.  It was, but I never managed to get the second built, as the Codex for this army is not due out until summer by my guess, so my excitement faded as fast as it arrived.

This weekend we in the UK have had a bit of a heat wave…  25 degrees is hot for us at this time of year (hey, its hot for us at any time of the year).  The Shed is situated in the sunny part of my garden and as such gets the full force of the sun on days like these.  On venturing in one morning, to see if I could get some painting done, I was assaulted by the heat as I opened the door.  On checking the thermometer I decided not to try painting anything, as it would dry on my brush faster than I could daub it onto any miniature.

A quick check back in to the shed at mid day showed that I had taken the right decision as it had reached 45 degrees by then with both doors open and a fan on.

The decision to pop out and pick up supplies was taken by the good lady, and a bottle of Pims was added to the shopping list.  It was actually an act of blatant bribery, as she had a cunning plan to get me to clear the garden in mind…  4 trips to the local recycling centre later I was allowed to sit back and enjoy what was left of the day.

As I did not want to call the day a bust from a hobby point of view, I decided to get another of the simple jobs done.  Baby Knight two was therefore pulled out, clipped, trimmed and glued together in a way that would allow me to paint up armour and chassis in the laziest way possible.  A couple of spraying sessions later She was finished to the same point as the original mini knight.

For two models made up from the same kit a little variation in pose is possible.  The legs are interchangeable and it can be set with the left or right foot forward.  Arms are also swappable so left or right again.  I am hoping that the Codex, and the release of this miniature in its own packaging, will allow me to vary the weaponry slightly. I have to admit that, although the Melta and Chain sword load out is good, I would favour a rapid fire option knowing which opponents I will be more regularly facing.

Don’t hold your breath though, as these are likely to be sat in a drawer until the codex arrives in the shops.  It might be a while before they are given their next trip out onto the painting table.

4 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Baby Knight Two”

  1. Well, you’ve gotten a lot further along with yours than I did with mine. I think I glued two legs together. You could always push on with all but the weapons – then when the Codex drops it should be a doddle to finish up. Then again, I know the pitfalls of motivation as well!
    And 45 degrees? Celsius, I assume? I think your shed may need some insulation. That’s going to kill your paints!


  2. Wow, I did the conversion…..and that’s way too damned hot! I probably would have fainted from the heat blast when you opened the door.

    On the weapons….I’d use magnets! 😉

    I’m actually targeting a few models currently for some magnet swapping possibilities. Of course I primed them fully before deciding. Luckily brush on primer works okay for spot jobs.


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