Steam Wars – Biplane With Rockets

A model that has sat unfinished in the shed for months now is a biplane that was slated to join the Steam Wars Navy but never started.  I got the pilot ready, an Ironclad Gyro copter pilot, months ago and still it was not promoted to the front of the queue.

With the recent good weather, and with me undercoating stuff in blue and grey, this got its base and top done in these colours and a boost up the paint queue without realising it.

With so much of it complete after just the base coats it only needed a touch of black here and a bit of silver there.

A propeller and a set of decals later and she was almost done.

The wing mounted rockets went on after painting along with the MG, and suddenly after 5 months, she was done.

The ironclad pilot was a tight squeeze to get in (so lost his legs before being seated…)

This photo does it no justice but underside in blue…

…and top in grey makes it a match for the first of my Navy fly-boys.

I may go back and trim that overly long rocket stick.  Hadn’t actually noticed that until looking the pictures over…

9 thoughts on “Steam Wars – Biplane With Rockets”

  1. That’s a cool looking biplane, and has come up very nicely. It’ll look great alongside the Skyship escorting it will look fantastic. You’ll have to give us an army shot before too long. And say around for months, you say? A rather impressive Neglected Model for this month! 😉


    1. Hmmn! Full Army photo post… Probably an easy post to get done as I seem to have gotten nothing up on the blog for a week or so. I seem to have been taken over by real life again. So much for my good run on posting daily for 2 weeks straight…
      She definitely fits the Neglected Model Challenge, but I think we both know that most of what we paint has probably been neglected to some degree… 🙂

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      1. Was just going through some of your posts and saw this …and realised that I forgot to add it into the monthly challenge roundup for May (I always forget if there’s no link!) Added it in now, though!


      2. Cheers Azazel, I have been away for a few weeks and somehow missed the whole of the start of June… Glad to be included. I’ve been ‘off the boil’ slightly for a few weeks but hope to get back on track soon.


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