A Lack Of Posts…

Evening Viewers…

Its been a while since I got a post up and more notable due to the fact that I was on a roll, 24 posts in 4 weeks… A record for me!

As ever, real life has taken over and I find myself not getting into the shed as often as I would like. That is unlikely to change in the next month so sadly you should not expect too much from me in the next weeks.

I will remain, as usual a viewer of your input, so please feel free to give me lots to read on your own blogs. While I cannot get out into the shed I will rely on you guys to entertain me.

When life settles down again I will endeavour to return the favour…


4 thoughts on “A Lack Of Posts…”

  1. I haven’t been blogging too long, but I imagine that blog posts ebb and flow with the seasons. Especially as people go for vacations and take advantage of the weather during summer months.

    I’ll probably be in a similar boat for the rest of the month and next. We have guests coming to stay with us, and my painting projects have stalled out a bit. It’s always fun to share when you have completed something, but with all the prep work, sometimes that can mean a large gap. Especially if you’re hopping around between stuff.

    Will be looking forward to your next post when you get back to it!

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    1. Ebb and Flow… Maybe more Ebb than Flow at the moment but I do have good periods where I get lots of stuff done, and other times where I get little achieved. Usually the desire is rekindled and new ideas develop in those less productive times… Usually…

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