Fistful Of Kung Fu

I may have been spending less time in the shed recently but I have not been idle.  We got a game of Fistful of Kung Fu in recently. Yes, we are still trying to get a number of games from our ‘loved but neglected list’ played before summer gets too far along.

FFOKF benefits from a wide selection of scenery items.  Your protagonist (hero, leader, main-man (or woman)) usually gets to do an awful lot of actions in your opponents turn with this game. While the mass of minions that he brings along with him will only act in their own turn.

Lots of scenery protects him while he runs everywhere, and does everything he can, but it also adds some cinematic elements to the game. This is because he can activate various scenic items for some humorous effects (e.g. tip a blue portable toilet over on to an enemy figure…)

Its also a good excuse to get a Poundstretcher train set and a green plastic Thomas the tank engine crane onto the gaming table…

4 thoughts on “Fistful Of Kung Fu”

    1. Don’t worry too much about the Kung Fu… We have played it with Pulp era gangsters, Steampunks, Cybernetic Apes and even Judge Dredd… Just think of the most outrageous big screen action movie you can… Add in an suitably impervious hero, a plucky (and unlucky) sidekick and lots of expendable minions and you have a game of Fistful of Kung Fu. All for less than £10 at most good booksellers 🙂

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    1. A simple game with lots of scope for any number of settings. Best played for fun as its not a balanced, competitive game. Imagine the rules as a ‘guide’ that lets you shape the options that might come up in the game… Well worth the couple of ££ it costs (currently less than £8 a copy from online sellers in the UK).

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