Random Free War Dogs

I don’t buy many magazines these days. Even the mighty White Dwarf fails to attract me as I can’t get past all the adverts that make it more of a monthly sales catalogue.  You guys provide me with as much ‘new and shiny’ stuff as I need these days (and most of it doesn’t even need to be new…)  I did buy a magazine this month though, as it had a free figure sprue on the front of it…

I was wandering about on the Warcradle Studios website looking at their Wild West Exodus range when I noticed they had a free figure on the front of the June edition of Miniature Wargames. The free miniature mentioned was this set of two K9 Gun Dogs.

Pressed in very BRIGHT orange plastic it was a pain to prime using a standard rattle can. The vivid orange of the plastic was still visible in the deepest recesses even after three or four passes with a standard can of paint. I was at the point of obscuring the details on the flatter surfaces when I gave up, and tried to ram some primer colour on an old paintbrush into these areas to hide the last of the orange.

I would suggest you paint before building if you manage to get hold of these guys after reading this…

Even when finished I can still see orange in the deepest areas but only because I know its there…

I armed them with a Gatling cannon and Flamer but only because I wanted to save the third option, a missile launcher, option for use on a Gaslands car.

Scale wise they are quite big so they could be fielded individually in an existing unit, as an added support option, or as a small vehicle by themselves.  I have no firm plans for them as yet, but I did base them to match either my Nurgle 40k Army, the Steam Wars Martians or my Scrappers Crew…

8 thoughts on “Random Free War Dogs”

  1. Hey, those are pretty nice for free minis! I might have to pick some up for some cyber dogs.

    Yea, I hear you on the adverts in games catalogs. It’s too bad. I used to read Dragon magazine which was a D&D based magazine put out by TSR. They also featured some other company games from time to time and often themes beyond just Fantasy rpgs. As the corporation grew though, it became a big advertisement for company products. I imagine White Dwarf had a similar history. Definitely a difference between crazy fun and carefully curated advertisements.


    1. There was a time when games magazines tried to give you content that made them almost like monthly supplements for the rules systems they were attached to. Now they just sell, sell, sell whatever the next big thing is… I remember Dragon magazine from wayyyyy back.

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    1. I still do use brush on primer very occasionally. I remember a time when it was only brush on that I used and all my figures were undercoated in badly applied white paint… Thank the gods for rattle cans 🙂


      1. Haha. I find the opposite; for individual models, I find the brush on stuff does a far better, cleaner job than a rattle can does. Gets all those nooks and crannies that spraying misses, applies smoother, and reflects all the details. Sounds like you’re a lot better with a rattle can than I am, grin.


  2. After reading this (and another blog mentioned them), I tried to see if I could find “Miniature Wargames” for the models, but it seems it’s not available at the newsagents around here. A shame really, as they look like the exact kind of random thing I love to knock over quickly with a view to include in several games. Now I’m jealous of your models here as they’ve come up so nicely. /pout!


    1. Thanks Azazel, They are the perfect quick win model. Any free figure is good, I wouldn’t pay the standard price for the models though, as they retail for a whopping £17 for 2 I think… That said they do also have a nice set of Attack Dogs retailing at £11 for 2, which only is slightly better.


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