Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knights Making A Proper Start

With the release of the new Imperial Knights Codex for Warhammer 40,000, I have been motivated to return at last, to my painting desk. I have been away for a few weeks, and on my return the painting urge was far from present.  A good rulebook, or army list in this case, always manages to prod me back towards the desk. So here I am again, in happy painting land…

I retrieved the 2 Armiger Warglaives, that I had picked up back in April this year, from their drawer.  Both were undercoated on the day they were built so both were ready for a quick and simple paintjob, just like my bigger Knight.

No fancy paintjobs this week.  A bit of brass here and a bit of dark tone wash there…

I plan to let the contrast of armour plates and decals add the impression of colour again to what is basically a silver chassis.

Some variation in face plate and stance makes these a bit more individual and should be useful when trying to play them as a pair on the table.

The plan is to get them to match the original colour scheme of their bigger Lord.

More to follow…

8 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knights Making A Proper Start”

  1. Nice work on these two. I like the Dark Tone. I need to give that a try on some metal, versus the Agrax Earthshade I’ve been using lately.

    I also like the tidy paint shelf you have in the back there. I’ve been thinking about putting my “current project paints” in a shelf or something and then transitioning them back to their storage after I’m done with that project. Otherwise I just have paints perpetually scattered across the desk. Will see what I can come up with.


    1. Cheers Faust. Tis good to get motivation from comments.
      Dark tone is a must these days on most of my figures. Wide flat surfaces do not work well but anything with detail benefits greatly (if only to hide my clumsy efforts and mistakes).
      The paint racks are clear plastic nail varnish holders from a ladies section of the local pound store. Good for when I need to remember what colours I used to do a particular unit etc. I get out only the colours I need, then don’t get so confused by which grey it was that I was using from one day to the next… One rack has a set of Dark, Strong and Soft tone permanently on hand as they get used every time…

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      1. Ah, it looks like the rack is nestled in a wood shelf? I picked up a nail polish holder rack awhile ago. It has 5 rows though and is much larger than what I’m envisioning for my work table/desk.

        Yea, I do the same thing with my paints. As I grab some to use on the current project, I tend to just leave them on the desktop so that I can go back to it. After awhile I have a cluster of paints surrounding the cutting mat that I paint on top of. Excellent point about the washes getting a permanent spot. The bottles that my washes are in, are a little too big for my paint storage boxes, so they would be best left out anyways. This reminds me that I’ve been meaning to make an ‘organization’ Tool Tips post at some point. Maybe I’ll get that out next week, as I wrap things up.


      2. I’ve seen a few people use those and was really tempted, as many of them have a lock to keep the toddler out. Plus they keep everything neat and tidy. I just put together a couple Ikea desk tops, to make a nice L. Gives me a spot for the computer and a work area for minis. Maybe someday I’ll opt for the classier look though.

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