Warhammer 40,000 – Bigger Knights Started

Despite my real life being slightly unsettled since the return from holiday…  I have managed to get some stuff done on the odd day when things were quieter.  Plenty of time has been had to read and surf the internet.  What should I find when surfing on the day I wrote my last blog post but an FAQ by Games Workshop for their new Knights Codex.

If you remember the last post well, you will recall that I had just taken delivery of a duo of new Knights.  The new FAQ changes all the rules that prompted me to purchase these figures and my army list has had to change accordingly.  Those annoying changes aside, I am still enjoying building and planning these new and imposing figures.

Work has started on the chassis of the first of the new knights.

This has again been made with armour plates left off so they can be painted separately.

I have been finding lots of detail that I forgot was on the model from last time.

Details that will be lost or obscured when the armour plates are in place.

This will get a silver spray base coat and then a few details picked out in brass before a dark tone wash is applied.

My plan is to play this as a Knight Crusader with a battle cannon and huge assault cannon.  There is nothing better than rolling up to 24 dice each turn (especially when its all coming from one figure).

One difference to the first Knight I painted, is that I have left off the gun shields this time.  I have done this so that I can paint them separately on this model, like the other armour plates.

It should add in a splash of colour on what would otherwise be a set of plain silver arms.

I am yet to decide if the armour plates are going to be done in the same plain blue of the original 3 Knights or if I will try an alternate scheme.  The lazy painter in me says ‘keep it simple…’

3 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Bigger Knights Started”

  1. Those are really nice models, even more impressive without the armor panels. I’ve be pretty tempted to trash some of the armor to revel what’s underneath. Then again, I can’t imagine they are cheap models, so I’d probably get too nervous about “trashing” anything!


    1. No, not cheap, although I often see hundreds of pounds of models being used on other peoples bases or as scenery. I saw a destroyed Forgeworld Warhound titan recently used on a scenery board! I cannot bring myself to buy a model and not use it as it should be.
      The chassis of these do hold more details than you would think, especially when most will be hidden by armour…

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