Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knights Small Update

Only a small update today.  I have not been in the right health or frame of mind for painting lately and I have not managed to get out to the shed in the last few days.  The posts you see may seem relatively normal, but have been cunningly timed to look like I am consistently working away at a good rate.  I have had some time off work due to illness and any free time, however unexpected or unwanted, should be used well if you can. Sadly I have been feeling quite poorly (please feel free to give sympathy and encouragement – none will make me feel better but it does wonders for the person giving it I am told) so I have not been able to use the time as well as I might have wanted…

When I am able to I try to pop out the shed.  It breaks up the monotony of being at home, alone while the good lady is at work, and stops me being tempted to watch what passes for entertainment on daytime television. I have been able to get lots of basic jobs completed but not any of the even mildly detailed work…

Clipping and trimming are easy enough, and don’t require much focus.  If I get too carried away with it all I can sometimes manage to stick stuff together too…  The last of the basic jobs in the shed, and the last of the waiting Imperial Knights kits that I have, are these Armiger Helverins which will eventually be liveried in the same colours as my other ‘shooty’ Knight, the Crusader.

7 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knights Small Update”

  1. I’ll be honest, last year I had a minor routine hospital visit that left me unable to paint figures ’cause I couldn’t sit for too long in one position afterwards (that was expected, but you’ll find it more entertaining to add the details that I leave out)! So I did a lot of the researching, reading and planning for my Paraguayan War project then, ’cause I couldn’t do much else! So if I can’t paint, I’ll usually try and plan for a bit, tweak rules, re-read stuff etc. and I still feel like I’m making progress! Anything to avoid daytime TV!

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    1. Sounds like you had as much fun as I am having now. I have a few books and other bits about that I am trying to get into but it’s surprising how when you have ‘the time’, ‘the inclination’ leaves you. I will be home for another week at least so plenty of time to get ‘something’ done.


  2. Aw man, I can’t stand sitting in front of the television watching TV too long. I’ve been known to yell “I can’t take it anymore!” and run out of the room. Could just be American TV, and all the commercials.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon and can get back to those Knights or whatever other minis you have lurking about!

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    1. It’s a special little something they always try to add in to daytime TV. I believe the government does it on purpose in hopes of lowering the unemployment rate:-)

      Feeling better. Did a few bits yesterday and finished them today. You should see them on the blog in a couple of days. Blog is always running about 3 days behind me.

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  3. Well, I’ll skip the sympathy – especially since you’re now feeling better and go with a little empathy instead. I certainly know what it’s like to feel sick and be frustrated by not being able to do any fine, or “proper” work, but it seems like you’ve been doing ok in terms of what I call “monkey work”.


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