Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knights More Basic Colours Done

Another batch of basic jobs completed. At least its warm and sunny outside while I am at home.  Perfect for undercoating and primary colour application.

The shed is usually well stocked with rattle cans in a range of basic colours, but after so many sessions base coating these new Knights, I have gotten through an awful lot of silver paint.

So much so that on the last turn of these Helverins (sadly the turn that pointed their faces towards me) the damn can ran out and spat a few larger blobs of paint all over what may be the most obvious side of them (mental note: paint faces first and under carriage and arses last in future).  I believe its the same rule with bars of soap and towels too…

The basic livery colours are also done.  I am undecided as to whether I will keep this layout, or try alternating the leg plate colours, on these guys as yet.  I will likely put them aside until their larger Lord is done first and follow his lead by matching whatever I decide to do with the armour plates on him.

5 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knights More Basic Colours Done”

  1. Looking good there. I’m desperately wanting to go outside and do some spraying while we have a nice day, but I’m tied to my desk because I’m waiting for a courier delivery. Between 8am-5pm they say, well it’s now 2:36pm…


    1. Yep, I feel your pain as I had an email from amazon this week saying that my item will be with me by 9pm on Wednesday. Sat in the house all day Wednesday as would miss the doorbell if I went to the shed… in the end he pushed it through the letterbox and drove off. If only I had known it was small enough…

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      1. Yeah, I usually get things delivered to work or to my Parcel Collect. Unfortunately, couriers don’t deliver to the PC, only businesses and residences, and work has (mostly) shut down for a few days – which is nice for me in that I get to have a few days off, but it also means that I can’t just get stuff delivered to reception and have to tweak my deliveries. So now after spending all day Thursday waiting for couriers, I have to do it again today (Friday) and twice on Monday…


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