Avoiding Doing Anything – Workspace

With all the new Imperial Knights base coated I have no excuse but to start to paint the details on them. This should be a simple job, as none are due for a complex paint scheme.  That said, I still don’t feel up to sitting and painting, so I am avoiding it by making excuses and finding other things to do that allow me to avoid painting.  The latest excuse comes from a recent comment by Faust of Double Down Dice. Who got me thinking about how we each set out our workspaces.  I know what works for me, but I wonder if I am ‘the norm’ or if others have come up with other, better, ideas.

One corner of the shed is my official painting station. In regard to position, it is where the power enters the shed and next to a window, so it stands to reason that it would be the best place to work.  An old writing bureau is the base of my operation.  A nice flat workspace and lots of cubby holes of various sizes help to keep me organised.  Never tidy but always usable.

I may be alone in this, but I do not have a screen or computer near my workspace.  This is something I see on many other workplace photos and I know from Faust’s comment that his setup has one of these. I may be old fashioned but I can only look at one thing at a time so would get very distracted (and get even less done) if I put mine out there.  I do have a smart speaker in the shed and can often be heard chatting to Alexa while I work. She has introduced me to a wide range of music outside of my ageing CD collection…

A second bureau stands almost hidden to the rear of the shed and is supposed to be a display space as well as a potential second work point. Currently it is neither as I seem to have slightly more stuff in the shed than it can actually hold…

16 thoughts on “Avoiding Doing Anything – Workspace”

    1. Even though I am seldom grumpy, in my mid 40s and only infrequently a git, my family get me something like this each and every year. I actually have a cabinet shelf in the conservatory set aside for them… The indignity of it.

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  1. It does all look remarkably well organised! I don’t bother with a computer or screen on my desk either, but that’s mainly because I can do most things from my Kindle Fire. Because I’ve always been shortsighted I’ve also never been one to watch TV and paint, since that would involve specs moving about all the time, whereas now, as a confirmed grumpy old git, I need specs to paint and another pair to watch the telly!

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    1. I can relate to the specs issue. I have an everyday pair, to drive etc, a pair to read and paint, and I have to take them all off if I use a PC…
      Between Alexa and my iPod I never need for background noise while I paint.
      Oh, and don’t be fooled by the tidy look. I made an effort for the photo;-)

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  2. I kinda took over the living room with my (temporary!) painting desk so now it’s a foot away from my computer and in the same room as the TV. On one hand it means we don’t have a “nice” living room, but it also means that we spend much more time together even if she is watching TV and I’m paining as opposed to previously when I was off in another room by myself.
    As for clutter… it’s always a problem for our kind, I think!

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    1. I could see myself ending up doing that eventually. Probably the Toddler’s direct access to the living areas, is preventing me from setting up shop though. Those little hands move faster than a King Cobra when they suddenly see something they want to grab. Luckily that hasn’t been overly sharp objects or freshly painted minis…yet.

      I did grab a few items to assemble one night, while my Wife tried to get caught up on a TV show with me. It worked fairly well, but we had to leave on many more lights than norm.

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      1. Tell me about it. We have a teen boy, and I swear there are more spills and accidents with him than our Toddler! Plus his memory is worse too. 🤪

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    2. As collectors we do tend to surround ourselves with our collections. Others might call them something else. I suppose we are all at risk of being ‘completists’ too, so never manage to finish off those collections.
      As for time spent together. It depends on the couple. My fair lady prefers me to be in the shed so she can get her own things done without me being in the way:-)


  3. Oh crap, it’s all my fault, haha!

    Great looking Shed Space! Though I try my best to stay organized….mid-project(s) chaos always ensues. Yep, my computer is off to my right, but only on to play my music collection. I can’t watch anything and paint. Maybe someday when I am more experienced like Annie or Azazel. Music though, love my music.

    Yea, looking over the pics, really nice. What is the large green bottle on the paint desk and what’s in the yellow mustard bottle? Oh, and two airbrushes by your “A Very Difficult Man” cup! Do you airbrush outside or use a spray booth?

    We should all do a round of Workspace posts. It’s always so interesting to see.


    1. Oops, and got so wrapped up in workspaces, forgot to mention that I’ve been slacking on the minis front too. Hopefully this weekend will prove a bit better. I gave myself an added obstacle on the mini front. Then it has been hot, so about the only thing I wanted to do was some Conan Exiles video game playing, because I really wouldn’t have to think or move much.

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    2. Glad to see you accepting your responsibility like a trooper.
      Music steadies my hand I believe.
      Green bottle red top. That’s wood glue. Water based but dries water proof and hard as nails. I use it for flocking bases as I can water it down to a thin enough consistency use and I find it is much better than PVA.
      The yellow mustard pot I use for water as it lets me drop out a measured amount each time. Let’s me thin paints into washes etc. Pouring water badly from a bottle onto a mixing pallet caused too many pairs of stained jeans.
      As for airbrushes. Both are cheap Chinese items. No skilled airbrushing goes on in the shed. I use a mask with the two shed doors open at the desk. Not ideal but £50 for a spray booth seems an expense too far at my level. Check out my old Nurgle greater daemon for some of my airbrush efforts.

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      1. Nice tip on the wood glue. I haven’t had much luck, but bought some real looking PVA glue recently, will see how it goes if I need to do some natural looking bases soon. For thinning paints, I take a few drops from my rinse glass. Or I have a dropper bottle I keep filled with Flow Aid. Don’t ask my rhyme/reason for which I use and when. 🤪

        I should’ve probably got a cheap airbrush, as all I use mine for is priming really. Ventilation wise, we have a big garage. I wear a filter mask. I started wearing a ‘bandit mask’ (hand towel covering the mouth/nose) underneath the filter and now I seem to have no issues. If I was spraying more often, I’d probably look into a spray vent. But yea, the prices on those are not pretty.

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