Warhammer 40,000 – Getting Back Some Of My Mojo

After what seems like a week of going into the shed, sighing, then leaving without getting anything done. I have managed to move a couple of the bigger jobs along.

In my more muddled state of mind, I got everything wrong with these guys.  I prepped the wash I planned to use in a pallet before starting to paint the brass sections. In the 40 degree heat of the shed that would have meant that it would be dried out long before I got to use it.  When I realised my mistake, I did what all good modellers do, and just pushed on…  Sod it, the brass on these would be less than visible under all the armour anyhow.

The slightly uneven surface to the silver paint, caused by the can running out, means that it has held on to more of the dark tone wash. This has provided a darker colour to these chaps than the last lot.  Not horrible but more notable than before.

The larger Knight was done without adding any dark tone wash as I calculated it would be almost a whole bottle to cover this chaps chassis.  Not worth the expense and, as I cannot go out at the moment, it would mean that I had none left in the shed for the next week or so.

As before I relied on the decals to bring back some of the colour variation that a three colour paint jobs lacks.  I will likely go back over the lens and a couple of silver or brass sections but these are about as done as it gets for my Knights.

I matched the placements of the decals to the last set of Armigers, so that they were at least similar (promoting more of an army theme).  If I have one grumble to bring up with these kits, it would be that the gun shield, small as it is, is a poor fit.  It has no real retaining ring, or tab, so getting it to lay straight on the gun is a bit more fiddly than it should be. This is more notable because the remainder of the kit is so well designed. Every other part is an almost perfect fit so why these are such a pain I do not know.

With the larger Knight also decaled up, the trio looks quite good in their matching livery.

So, that only leaves me to start on the final build of my ‘Freeblade’ Knight to complete the force.  I plan to be a bit more organised with this one and learn from my mistakes on the last three…

So far I am quite pleased with the overall look of these guys.  ‘Tabletop ready’ might be the best way to describe them, but they are ready none the less.

12 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Getting Back Some Of My Mojo”

    1. Cheers TIM. I suspect it’s because it’s one of those colours that isn’t trying to be anything other than it is… I think I have a thing for what I would call basic or primary colours. If it’s called blue it should look like blue! Oh god, there’s my high horse on the horizon again… Run…

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    1. I am pleased that you like them. My only thought is that I have ignored so much of the detail that I should be taken out back and reprimanded. The sculpts are so detailed though, that even without picking them out, the finished models look great. If I had tried to pick out more of these details, I suspect that my less than steady hands would have made a poor job of them. A real case of less is more.

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    1. Thinking in sections does help to get these done. Its a bit like approaching the painting of a large unit. Lots of individual details to paint but all on the one figure instead of spread over 25 smaller ones. Easier in a way, as spraying can get a lot of the base colours down, if you plan ahead…


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