Warhammer 40,000 – Finished Knights (Almost)

In my last post I think I called these guys finished.  Obviously I was not correct as their bases were still unattached…

I don’t spend much time on bases as a rule. I find them more of an after thought in most instances.  I only tend to match bases it they are for an army (like the red earth bases for my Steam Wars Martians).  Otherwise they are often quite random affairs.

These guys have such large bases that they are almost as obvious as the model itself.  I have looked at some more artistic bases online and decided I was not up for that, so these were based similarly to my Marine 40K army (a self mixed sand, stone chip and black flock).  To tie in a couple of models as a ‘Unit’ or ‘Lance’ I added in a couple of matching additions.

In this case the additions were a couple of bits of plaster, that had been moulded from some cobblestones, a trial greenstuff mould taken from a pavement drain and some hatches from a set of MDF balcony (fire escape) sets.

There is something quite pleasant about painting individual cobblestones in a random mix of colours.  With the blobs of brown and silver applied it was time for the flock.

Not an exciting set of bases but they will be fine for a set of table top quality Knights.

As they are similar in design to my Marines, if I chose to at a later date, I can play the Knight as a detachment supported by my Space Marine infantry.

I will need to get the last of these painted and then set them up for a proper army photo shoot.

An army of Seven miniatures…

4 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Finished Knights (Almost)”

  1. Bases are always an afterthought for me too. It’s mainly just how I paint minis, with the bases last. Though on the last Necromunda gang, I did the bases at one point before I started highlighting, as I felt it was safe to glue down the minis at that stage. Maybe that should be my approach from now.


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