Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knight Storage Options

Yesterday was too hot to paint so, as the shed has been feeling slightly cluttered lately, I decided to get s few things tidied up and put a few things away.  The completed Knights have not so much been put away as found a home.

When Maplins sadly closed its doors recently, I made the effort to pop in and help them clear their shelves slightly.  I picked up a set of three silver tool cases, in small, medium and large, along with a couple of their more expensive pick’n’pluck cases.

Its not like I needed them for anything at the time but, like so many boys of a certain age, I have a ‘thing’ about buying bags… Don’t know why…

This collection of silver cases are one of the many things that have been making the shed feel slightly over filled of late.  In this instance they came in handy though.

The two pick’n’pluck cases are big enough to hold my seven Imperial Knights as well as a Nurglesque Renegade Knight I purchased to support my Death Guard forces but haven’t played as yet.  This should allow me to store them safely rather than be forced to put them in the display case (which I really should try to tidy out this week as it is looking just like a very obvious glass storage box at the moment).

I plan to head out to the shed and finish the last of the seven Imperial Knights as I write this so, if the next post doesn’t show it completed, you will know that I got distracted again…

6 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knight Storage Options”

  1. Very clever. I have no idea how I will eventually store my own Knights. Perhaps a trip down to Bunnings to see if Ican find something similar…


    1. Cheers. Now there is an idea… I always find that my cases get mixed up as they are stored in a pile at the back of a wardrobe. Some nice decals for each army box might be a good investment…


    1. Its great, but I have realised recently that when you look at 5-6 matching, or at least similar, cases in a row you often find yourself opening them all up until you find the contents you were seeking. It has been suggested that they need some nice big decals for the outsides to identify what they carry. A plan I may pursue.

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