Warhammer 40,000 – Final Knight Completed

From a Blog point of view I am calling my Imperial Knights project complete.  When I came home from holiday I did not expect to be off work this long or have a new 40K force finished before I returned to work.  That’s the joy of this hobby I guess. It allows you to remain somewhat distracted from life’s little issues and provides you little wins that can help to raise your spirits.

The last of the Imperial Knight models benefitted from a more organised painting process than the last three.  Some detail work was done before the final construction, which made a few of the bits easier to work with.

As I don’t know which will work best yet, the guns in the left armpit have been magnetised on this one.  The carapace weapon system from the last Knight (a set of AA guns) and the one on this Knight (a missile launcher) are also magnetised so that they can be used on either model.  I should have thought the colour through a bit further, as both work on this model but the green missile unit stands out as odd on the blue knight… (Maybe I should just try to get my hands on a second missile unit…)

With decals applied another layer of colour is added.

This is a close combat specialist so a whopping great chainsword is a must.

So much detail that I chose not to paint.  There is always an option to return to these and add more if it bothers me in the long run.

The base is suitably matched to the last six Knights, but also generic enough to be used in any dark based force as an allied detachment if I want.

I have not, as is usual for me, followed any real heraldic 40K lore for the placement of the decals.  Just adding them where I felt they looked ok.  I was running low on larger decals so had to use a couple of paired smaller ones to cover some of the wider plates.

A big power fist provides him with his second close combat weapon. Being equipped with a set of paired close combat weapons makes him the cheapest of the larger Knights and defines him as a Knight ‘Gallant’.

Having lots of skulls and a slightly ‘Green’ colour scheme makes him stand out a little from the other Knights, and allows me to consider him as a option to field in my Chaos Death Guard army.  Followers of the chaos gods do like to cover themselves in sets of skulls.  He is, perhaps, a little ‘clean’ for Papa Nurgle though…

11 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Final Knight Completed”

    1. Cheers TIM. Nice to have them finished and ready to use… No plan for a game with them as yet but that’s not unexpected. I often find myself spending more time painting than playing these days. An odd shift in the state of things recently but not unexpected I guess.

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  1. Very nice, the Green/White looks really good too. The metal and missiles, all look sweet. How did you get the tiny lights on the missile rack to shine up like that?


    1. Cheers Faust. GW do some ‘gemstone’ technical paints… waystone green, spiritstone red and soulstone blue. If you vary the base coat (white, silver or even black) you can get some quite striking effects. If you Matt varnish your stuff, it is wise to do the area after varnishing so as not to lose the shine.

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      1. Thanks for the tips! Azazel has mentioned the gemstone paints a few times, but the three colors didn’t match the gems I was paining at the time. I really do need to add them to my list of paints to buy, if they work great for lighted buttons too.

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