Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knights Army Photos, Just Because I Can

Its too hot to paint in the shed again and, as they are about to go into their boxes, I thought some of you would appreciate a group shot and rundown of the new Imperial Knights Army.

An army that only took me about 3 weeks to complete…  An astounding pace for me…

Two caveats on this post 1) The lighting is poor in the shed in the mornings but you get the idea.  2) I have not used these in an actual game so the effectiveness of their load out and battlefield role is my best guess at present…

Knight Gallant: A close combat monster with missile launcher (to be fired on the way in).

Knight Crusader: A shooter that can put out a huge number of mid to long range shots from its pair of cannons. Also mounting an anti-aircraft gun on its carapace, as I just know that a few flyers will be headed my way as opponents.

Knight Armiger Helverins: Agile long range shooters to lend support to their bigger brother.

Knight Paladin: An all rounder that can close with the enemy or stand off and shoot.  Again with a AA mount on its carapace (until I can source a second set of missiles).

Knight Armiger Warglaives: A pair of close combat attack dogs.  I suspect these will be useless against troops in units above 5 men strong but will happily dismantle any Space Marine Terminators or vehicles they come across.

As a bit of added flexibility, my Knight Gallant is also playable as a cleaner, less corrupted, brother to my original, Nurglesque, Knight Errant: A Renegade Knight that sports an AA mount on his carapace and enough heavy fire power to burn through, or crush, any other heavy vehicle he manages to get close to…

9 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knights Army Photos, Just Because I Can”

  1. Wow, that’s a pretty impressive bunch for just 3 weeks! I’m in the same boat with “combat-effectiveness” on my Necromunda minis. No clue until I get the second team painted and start duking it out. Makes me wish I had painted some more for my team, in case I need to swap some out.


    1. It’s often the reason we have never ending collections. You play, find a gap or weakness in the army, buy something to fill the gap, realise you are only two more units from being able to split the original army into two new armies, buy those units, find both army’s are missing something, and it goes on……….

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      1. I haven’t really experienced that with armies, but I have two Orc teams and Human teams in Blood Bowl. The rationale being that someone might want to use the same team. Though honestly it was more of an excuse to paint two of them different colors!

        With the new Blood Bowl minis, I’ll likely be doing the same thing.

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