Warhammer 40,000 – Missile Rack

My original Missile pod for the Knight kit was added to my Knight Gallant and painted in green to match is livery.  Not my best move as it looks slightly odd when used with any of my blue liveried Knights…

A replacement original Knight part on eBay appears to retail somewhere between £8- £15…  So, as it was always likely that I would be looking for a cheaper alternative, I took advice from Coronasan and tried out a missile rack from the GW Taurox transport kit instead.  This retails for about £3 on eBay so was a much cheaper option.

The main issue with this part is that it is designed to go under a roof panel and have its lower side up against the model.  As I wanted it perched up on a domed carapace a slight adjustment was required.

A couple of wires, and a piece or two of MDF offcut, and any obvious holes were covered. After that it was a case of slotting in a magnet and spraying it blue.  Again, its too warm to paint with a brush, so it too will have to sit aside for a few days before I get to finish it off properly…

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