Nice And Tidy – Storage Solutions

As it remains hot and painting is not easy, and as I remain off work for a few more days, I have decided to keep myself busy (and sane) by trying to tidy the shed up a bit.  Hopefully that will make it more usable when I can finally get back in there.

I have also had too much time on my hands to think.  Never a good thing.  It has led to me becoming paranoid that the shed is probably not the safest place for the last 15 years of toil to be kept.  The issue of insurance and protecting a collection, like we probably all amass, has started to play on my mind.  Therefore I have decided to move the more valuable items back into the house for ‘safe keeping’.

My daughter has recently left home and the spare room has been cleared of excess junk.  This has now afforded me the space to put up a cabinet for all my miniature boxes to be stored more safely and, more importantly to the lady of the house, out of sight…

The unit is a cheap Ikea modular wardrobe frame that has been fitted out with simple shelves and a pair of doors. Total spend £115.  What makes it better, is that it came as a clip together kit.  I only needed a screwdriver for the door hinges…  Far less swearing than usual was heard during its construction…

Fragile, large or just plainly odd shaped items will be up top with cases of regular miniatures below.

So far that is all the boxes in from the shed. Neatly and safely now stored indoors.  Not sure how to break it to the good lady that there are another twenty boxes in other cupboards around the house that are likely to remain where they are…

Now, all that remains in the shed are twenty or so boxes of scenery…  Oh, and all the unpainted stuff…

Out of sight, out of (the good lady’s) mind.  What she doesn’t notice she doesn’t worry about.

The trade off.  I had to put up a set of coat hooks for her to use in the small dead space between units…  A small price to pay for piece of mind!

13 thoughts on “Nice And Tidy – Storage Solutions”

  1. Very neat and tidy, I’m very envious. Unfortunately until my son moves out, followed by my daughter and we make life inhospitable for one lot of guests after another I can’t see me making a claim on one of the other bedrooms just yet. Of equal concern is the fact that SWMBO has designs of her own!

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    1. Guests after guests has been my recent dilemma. My painting space is in the Office/Guest room. Which I thought had successfully claimed. But now every time there are guests, I have to scurry to clean off the desktop, throw everything into random drawers and closets. And afterwards ‘unpack’ it all again. Depending on the frequency and duration of guests, this ranges from minor inconvenience to outright annoyance. 😉

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      1. Yea, i think we’re over the flood of guests, but I thought that last time too! I would consider moving stuff into the garage, but I like to be near enough to the fam, and don’t have to clean cobwebs off my stuff every morning.

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  2. Looks pretty awesome Steinberg. Your cases are quite nice, and got my plastic Plano bins beat by far. I removed the coat racks from inside the guest closet and out three IKEA shelves inside. That almost gives me enough space for miniatures stuff. Who is the comic junkie in your house? 😃


    1. You hit the spot with ‘Almost gives me enough space…’ No matter what space you have, you will out grow it almost instantly. A problem unique to collectors of all types…

      The comics are mine. I had a clear out last year and donated most to a niece with a comic fixation. My favorites leftover from the older larger collection. Mainly Garth Ennis, Ben Templesmith and a host of more obscure titles… Not much collecting these days (still looking for a copy of ‘I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space’ No.2 to complete a set…)

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      1. Hah, that sounds like a pretty obscure title! I’ve always been into superhero comics and like a lot of the mainstream stuff and then some of the indie publishers in the 80s. 90s were not the best years, but some of that still has some charm to me. These days it’s mainly reading things that Ed Brubaker has put out, or a lot of older stuff that I never got around to reading )or maybe forgot that I had read it!).


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