Steam Wars – Resin Cast Deck Guns

I have not been doing much lately. That said, I have managed to get a couple of games of Warhammer 40,000 and Gaslands in over the last week or so.  The Knights are 2-0 up at the moment but I forgot to get any photos while I was playing (it was a novelty to play for once, as I haven’t gotten a game in for about 2 months).

I did have some good news and a nice surprise from the postman though.  Back in April 2016 (blimey has it been that long?) I finished a small set of Navy Deck Guns for Black Pyramid Gaming and sent them off to be cast up and put up for sale on their webstore.  Not authentic in any way, as these are Steampunk guns, they were based on my own Steam Wars Navy guns.

Scratch built from Plasticard and MDF I was unsure how (or if) they would come out ok.

The final set that the guys at Black Pyramid have had cast up is based on the weapon options available from their already popular gun carriage range.

I have to say that my initial impression is that they have come out very well.  All five sets are cast in a good flexible resin that lends itself well to filing and scraping without any brittleness.  That said the casts, shown here straight from the packaging, don’t look like they will need much work at all to get them ready for painting.

Mounted Mortar. Three part kit.


Heavy Gun/ Heat Ray. Five Part Kit.


Twin Missile/ Rocket Launcher. Four part kit.


Small Electro Gun. Four part kit.


Autocannon. Five part kit.

These are planned to be next on the paint table so you should see finished versions very soon…


13 thoughts on “Steam Wars – Resin Cast Deck Guns”

      1. Have ordered meself one of the small electro guns! It should be nearer the right size for 20mm figures and I even have a plan on where and how to use it! I just wish the “when” was a bit more definite!

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      1. It is good fun if you get a group of you together. Each player can have a different role then. Shame that waiting for matches in the multiplayer could sometimes take a while.



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  1. Nail art, man, I always forget that people use that as a rivets solution. I looked all over for different ideas. I watched a few of those “make your own rivets” videos and thought “OMG! There has to be something easier out there?!?”. Tada!

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