Steam Wars – US Navy Deck Guns

So my excitable little self has grabbed the first set of deck guns and given them a very simple, quick paint job.  I will likely make up the other two sets that I have with more care and attention but for now I have some I can use in our games of Steam Wars.

The US Naval Air Corps is fully armed with new weaponry.

Electro cannon and ships mortar now mounted to the rear of their aether steamer

Deck mounted autocannon and steam truck mounted rocket launcher.

The heavy heat ray has been allocated to their new sky ship and will soften the enemy while it delivers a unit or two of assault rocketmen.

Scale shots with the Black Pyramid gun crew and their gallant officer (available separately).


Electro Gun. (I have added a small nail art gem to the end of the barrel as a beam focusing lens).

Heavy Heat Ray.


Rocket Launchers.

And now for something a little different…  In honour of Justneedsvarnish some 20mm figures included for scale shots…

In my opinion these 2 guns are most likely to get nearer to the scale.  Remember that the resin is nice to work with, so it should be easy enough to shorten the mountings to get an even closer match to 20mm scale.

Hope you like them.  If so, they are available from Black Pyramid Gaming (sadly I am not on commission I just want to see what other more gifted people can do with them).

10 thoughts on “Steam Wars – US Navy Deck Guns”

  1. So you get some guns ready and I get a mention and some nice shots for scale purposes! Could not ask for more, thank you! They ARE nice looking guns and all the better for being painted!


    1. Bit of a mix really. The wider collection consists of some that are MDF models, some resin cast miniatures and some scratch builds. I cannot claim to have done more than collect and build the MDF and resin ones. The larger steamer is a scratch build by a chap from Yorkshire… I think he used to run PMC models the company that made the resin boats

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