Steam Wars – Fair Weather Undercoating The Crashed Airship Scenery And Some Plinths

As the weather was holding up this week I decided to spray a few pieces with a base colour.  In hindsight, which is always 20:20, it was slightly too windy at the BBQ for spraying and I suspect more paint was blown into my neighbours yard than onto any models…

I did manage to get the Airship base coated in silver though.

Army Painter, like most sprays these days goes onto MDF well, with no real loss of colour by the base materials absorption of the moisture.

As I had my silver spray can out, a couple of figures that have been slated for use as statues, got done at the same time.  Along with a couple of Coronasan’s new MDF plinth designs.

These were test pieces, knocked up quickly, to see if the builds were fitting together correctly. He handed them to me, to paint up while he was on holiday, in order to see how they finished up.  I popped the base off one to get a different base colour onto it. The other was too firmly stuck to paint separately.

One plinth is designed for a 25mm base the other for a 40mm base (sods law says I based these two figures on 32mm bases just before he gave them to me.  All these bits should get some more attention over the next few days…

One thought on “Steam Wars – Fair Weather Undercoating The Crashed Airship Scenery And Some Plinths”

  1. Nice, I like those statues. At first I got pretty excited and thought the one on the right was holding a football, and might be something Blood Bowl. That game is like acorns, and I’m the squirrel, I tell ya.


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