It lives…

It happens every year! The summer lull in hobby activity seems to be a global thing.  The number of posts that start in September or October with the words…  I’m still alive, or…  sorry for the lack of posts, always makes me smile and realise I am not alone.


Sorry but I am back and sadly I’m not dead yet… therefore prepare your self for even more rubbish being shouted from the insides of a garden shed (as long as the good lady lets me go out there every so often!)

I have to say that this year it seems to have been that much harder to get back into the routine of posting than usual…  Why? Well I am glad you asked…

D I bloody Y…  She who commands the back door keys wanted to get some spring cleaning and DIY done this year, so talked me into a late summer project involving a whole lot of white and magnolia paint.  The hallway, stairway (not to heaven) and landing changed over the course of a week from chocolate brown to good ol’ maggi (5 coats later it finally looks ok).

As a softener she did take us away for a week beforehand.  Budapest and Prague, two cities that I would be happy to return to but I think I walked up every bell tower in each town just so she who knows best could be photographed from the top (she’s down there in the square somewhere while I’m panting and collapsing at the top of 300 stairs…)

when my vision finally cleared I have to say both cities are perfect if you like your gothic architecture.

The photographer is an amateur but the sunsets are magnificent.

You get plenty of dirt after a few hundred years, they need a new window cleaner methinks…

Prague’s famous spires.

A clock that gathers 2000 spectators when it chimes (we arrived on the day it opened after 6 weeks of renovations).

Both cities have picturesque but very wet rivers.

Since getting back and finishing the DIY I have managed to get a few games in…  Plain old Bolt Action.

And a game of Konflict ’47 (Bolt Action with robots and lasers…)

Next up we might have agreed to play Steam Wars again!  Why?  Because the rules are now available HERE for free if you want to try it for yourselves…

6 thoughts on “It lives…”

  1. So you might not have been blogging, but you’ve been busy (even if it’s because you’ve been told to be)! Thanks for not sharing the DIY, but some more Konflikt 47 would always be welcome! Sounds like you enjoyed your city breaks!


    1. Enjoyed them as much for the sights and smells as the tastes. excellent food in even the cheapest bars and cafes. Well worth a trip. Just steer clear of the special local spirits, Unicum is no better than its name suggests…


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