Warhammer 40,000 – Big Weekend

As Coronasan’s whole female contingent had decamped to the US for 2 weekends we decided to get a couple of larger games in, while the cats were away as it were.

Weekend one was to be Warhammer 40,000 focused and would consist of a couple of games. One larger and one more normal in scale.

Weekend two would be a very large Steam Wars Game that we expected to take all day.

Coronasan has a report of the first fight we played on the first of our big weekends.  We pitted one Reaver Titan against all the Knights I could muster…

I started full of optimism and charged head long towards the mechanical behemoth. Only to find my knights dropping like flys as it swatted at them, and eventually flattened the last of them under its somewhat titanic feet…

A great little game and one we have talked about playing for years it seems…  Now ticked off the list for a while. At least until that itch needs scratching again!

The second game lasted slightly longer, but only just, as my Space marines (an Imperial Fist successor chapter) took on the Blood Angels.

My force was a fast detachment of jump troops and Landspeeders and an elite detachment of Terminators, Vanguard jump troopers and Sternguard riflemen.

With the Blood Angels having almost as many late deploying troopers as I did we expected the lines to be blurred from the start.  My terminators and their Librarian deployed behind the Blood Angels main line and the Blood Angels Jump Troopers and Terminators dropped behind my own troops.

It was down to weight of numbers in the end with the larger Blood Angels units carrying the day and clearing the smaller elite units out of their defensive positions fairly quickly.

My Vanguard were unable to charge due to some very poor dice rolling after they deployed.  Before they were even able to regroup, they were out flanked and wiped from the battlefield in only one turn.

Two losses in one weekend…  A major defeat but a good time had all the same.

2 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Big Weekend”

  1. Games look very good! I think winning a game is over-rated (not that I win many) but enjoying it is way better! But, now that you’ve lost your knights to that Titan, I’m prepared to take that unlucky-but-extremely-nicely-painted knight army off your hands entirely free of charge to spare you the ignomy of having to lose with them at any point in the future!


    1. I am in full agreement with you. At least about the winning anyway. Maybe not so much about the sending of 2 large flight cases to you in the post :-). You ever find yourself in this part of the world though, I would be happy to let you play with them…
      Seriously though, its never been about winning for me. If it was I would have given up years ago!


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